Customizing the look and feel of your emails

There are many popular email newsletter solutions out there. Some of the most popular ones to get started with that I would personally recommend would include Emma, Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. No matter what solution you choose, all of them will have the ability to customize the look and feel of your newsletter. Now, unless you've adopted a minimalist look for your company, you'll want to think about using photos, different font formats and call-out boxes to break up the content in your newsletter. Some of you will choose to use the same layout each time, and others might opt to mix it up a bit.

Now, I want to use Mail Chimp as an example to show you how you can do this. Once logged in, you can click on "Create Template" to begin the creation process. Here you see that they provide you with a variety of basic layout options that you can choose from. They also have a variety of themed templates and even provide a drop down to make it easier to find one that fits the type of newsletter you were hoping to create. For this example, we're going to select a theme called "Wanderlust" as a starting point.

Once selected, you can click on any element and you'll see that it brings up an editing screen on the right hand side of the screen. Making sure that your newsletter is a continuation of your branding through the use of similar colors, fonts and logos is a must. As with all marketing pieces, you want consistency in your branding so that when your newsletter shows up in your subscriber's inboxes, they instantly recognize it's from you. Want to drop in links to your social networks? It's as easy as clicking and dragging them and then entering your personal information.

Most newsletter solutions have similar functionality but Mail Chimp is a great solution for those of you just getting started out with a newsletter. Keep in mind though, that even with all this functionality to play around with with templates and themes, it's important to determine what is appropriate for you and your business. Also, remember that your subscribers will be viewing your newsletter on phones, tablets, and laptops so you'll want to make sure that your design is compatible and looks good on any screen, but more on that in a later movie.