What to include in your emails

A good newsletter is full of great content. It is up to you to determine how to assemble yours. Let's look at a couple of different examples to showcase different choices you could make. Gear Patrol is a lifestyle blog that sends out a daily newsletter. They have chosen to go with big bold images, a teasing excerpt of text, and a link to the full blog post. Their newsletter is more of a recap of the content published on their site and their other social media channels. As a loyal subscriber I love that they consistently send out the newsletter every workday at 5PM and I look forward to reading it at the end of my workday.

Shift Communications is a public relations firm. Their weekly newsletter is always broken into four sections. They first share what they consider as the one must read thing followed by links to blog posts and other content created by their own staff. Then they curate and share the top industry news from around the web and wrap up the newsletter by spotlighting their clients. Instead of only focusing on themselves they do a great job of sharing news that any PR professional would find useful as an incentive for more people to sign up for their newsletter.

Finally let's look at author Austin Kleon's weekly newsletter who has gone to the simple approach of focusing on sharing ten things he found interesting enough to share. As you can see it is simply branded with his logo, one image, and then a numbered list of interesting things with a bit of commentary for why he chose to share it. I chose to share these three newsletters to serve as an introduction to different approaches that you might consider for what to include in yours. Never forget that no matter what content you choose to include always be sure to include links to your other social networks, to your website, and provide people with a way to reply with questions or reactions via email.

Also, why not add a link at the very end that encourages your readers to share your newsletter on their social networks.